6 Places For Atlanta Prenatal Massage To Relax Any Mom-To-Be!

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Prenatal massage has tons of benefits including decreasing musculoskeletal pain, decreasing anxiety and stress, helping you sleep better, improving your mood, decreasing swelling, and lessening symptoms of depression. Personally, making time for myself after our son was born was a struggle. I think the sooner you can establish habits of self-care, the more likely you are to continue with them through the postpartum period, which benefits the whole family! Here’s a list of Atlanta prenatal massage options to help you feel your best!

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  • Buckhead Massage: I thought one of the most interesting offerings from this spa was their participation in Spaccurate, which is an app that allows you to name your price for your massage. So cool if you’re watching your budget! They have a location in Buckhead and one in Sandy Springs.
  • Atlanta Esalen Massage: Let me tell you, towards the end of my pregnancy I couldn’t get comfortable in any position. This spa has a special table that allows pregnant women to lie face down, side-lying, or face-up with cushions for support. This. Sounds. Amazing. They are located in Decatur and are by appointment only.
  • Vinings Massage and Wellness: As the name suggests, they are located in Vinings and offer a wide range of massage options (good to keep in mind for postpartum or your partner). They offer massage time lengths of 30, 60, or 90-minute options.
  • Turn 2 Massage: There’s something to be said for not having to leave the comfort of your own home. This company specializes in mobile massage, bringing everything to you. This would be such a fun add-on to a baby shower or a mom’s night!
  • Pregnancy Massage Center: More than just a massage spa, this facility offers prenatal yoga and labor technique classes, as well as an option for an in-home massage. They are also located in Decatur.
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I hope this list inspires you to take some time for yourself and carve out some relaxation time. These Atlanta prenatal massage spas have me relaxed just reading about them! If you’re looking for information on prenatal yoga, click here or baby stores, click here.

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