How To Plan An Amazing Session With Your Atlanta Branding Photographer

What is branding photography and how do you know if it’s a service your business needs? How do you know if you need to hire an Atlanta branding photographer? Branding photography goes beyond traditional headshots and includes your personality in your sessions. In today’s digital world, customers appreciate getting to know you and it helps them invest in your small business.

So how can you have a session that reflects you and your brand? Here are 4 tips to ensure your success!

  1. Find a photographer that you mesh with. A key to being relaxed in front of the camera is to find someone who makes you feel comfortable. (Spoiler: I’ve been told I’m pretty darn good at this!)
  2. Location: There are so many great options for this. The session highlighted here took place in Marietta Square, which is an area that this realtor specializes in. Additional options include your personal workspace that includes product/space details. I also have a studio option available that gives us a clean palette to start from.
  3. Props: You don’t have to go crazy with these, but they can be a great add-on to provide variety to your images. If you’re a maker, this is easy for you as your clients will want to see your process. If you have more of an office-based job, your phone, computer or tablet can be used. Bonus: they give you something to do with your hands which is something everyone struggles with!
  4. Wardrobe: Here’s really where you want to dig into your brand identity and there’s no right answer. How do you want your ideal clients to view you and connect with you? Are your interactions with them mostly professional? Or do you also connect with them on a personal level in which case some more casual options would be ideal? Or are you selling a product that gives you a little more creative freedom?

I hope this helps gives you some inspiration on how to create images that represent your brand and help you attract your dream clients. If you’re still searching for a photographer, I’d love to chat with you here!

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